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RevivePress Features

Here are the features that makes RevivePress the most powerful and user-friendly plugin in the market.
Automatic Republish Your Posts

This plugin helps revive old posts by resetting the published date to the current date. This will push old posts to your front page, the top of archive pages, and back into RSS feeds.

Share Posts, Pages & Custom Post Types

Whether it's posts, pages, images from your WordPress Media Library, WooCommerce Products, Recipes or Projects, RevivePress can republish & share them to your social media accounts.

Scheduled Post Republish

By using RevivePress Premium Plugin, you can easily assign, modify or remove a category or tags or anything and rescheduled it on a future date.

One Click Easy Auto Republish

Whether it's posts, pages, Products, Recipes or Projects, you can easily Republish & Social Share a post by just One Click by using RevivePress Premium plugin.

Automatic Social Media Sharing

Share your WordPress Blog Posts, Pages, Products or any Custom Post types automatically on Social Medias. Increase your content visibility on Social Media to get more traffic & engagement.

Flexible Social Sharing Templates

Customize WordPress blog social share templates from the plugin settings page entire outlook with ease. Attract your social media audiences instantly & get huge exposure.

Hashtags From Tags or Categories

Let RevivePress add optimized hashtags automatically by fetching them from the post's assigned categories, tags, or even any custom WordPress taxonomies.

Share Your Posts More Than Once

Don't let your posts fade away after just a single social media share. RevivePress allows you to share your website content on rotation both automatically and manually.

OneSignal Notification Support

OneSignal is an easy way to increase user engagements and the RevivePress Premium has full compatiblity with it which sends visitors targeted push notifications so they keep coming back.

WPML & Polylang Compatibility

RevivePress Premium supports WPML and Polylang with full translation and localization support. It can auto republish different posts of different languages at the same time.

Unlimited Social Accounts

Allows you to share your content to multiple accounts on each of the supported Social Networks. No Limitations. It works with Profile, Business pages, Community pages and groups.

Total Control over Social Share

Whether you want to share the title of your post, hashtags, thumbnails (featured images), custom text or Emojis, this plugin allows you to do that easily.

Advanced Log Tracking

Premium Version has the option to track everything including Social Media Sharing Activities via the Advanced Logs and Log Filters.

Emoji Support

RevivePress Premium supports Auto Social posting of Emojis. So, it's now easy to use that with this plugin.


Clara Bush

This plugin has allowed me to bring forward, revise, and refresh older blog posts, saving me much time. The developer, Sayan, is professional and devoted in his support for the users of his plugin. I’ve had a couple of issues— not because of the plugin— but because of my lack of tech knowledge— Sayan has repeatedly and quickly responded and helped me to correct these issues. I recommend this plugin.

KambalachE Empresa

This plugin is amazing, it has many options and very specific features, it is very complete and optimized, no complaints, the truth and the impressive support group, I recommend them.

Jon Trevelyan

Excellent service. This is just what I wanted and, when there were problems caused by my GoDaddy account and this plugin, Sayan went out of his way to help. Couldn't be more happy.


I have used the plugin for a week for my content writing blog and I can say it is the best. It has great features and very simple to set. For any blogger using WordPress, this is for you. WordPress has habit of archiving content but with this plugin, you will forget such troubles.

Silent Sooty

The plugin does exactly what it is designed to and with the addition of a simple code snippet, it will even republish custom posts. The support from the plugin author is fantastic too.

Dead Into It

That’s what we ALL need more of and RevivePress give you (Or your VAs), MORE TIME. Therefore it saves you MORE MONEY! Works Great and As Advertised. If you have a lot of posts, or you keep archived site, this plugin is very useful. It automatically pushs up old post as new post. Archive site looks to be updating still now.

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