Supported PHP and WordPress Versions for RevivePress

Are you trying to determine if your WordPress site is compatible with RevivePress? If you were linked to this page from your WordPress dashboard, then you’re running an outdated version of PHP or WordPress itself.

In this article, we’ll share the version requirements for RevivePress.

What Is PHP?

PHP is the programming language that WordPress and RevivePress are built on.

Newer versions of PHP are both faster and more secure. We share a notice to alert users when they are running an outdated version of PHP because this means their website no longer receives security updates.

The easiest way to resolve this issue is to contact your web hosting provider and ask them to update the PHP version for your hosting account. This is actually quite easy, and something your web host should be doing proactively.

RevivePress PHP Version Requirements

In case your web hosting company asks, RevivePress currently requires PHP version 5.6.20 or higher.

However, we recommend upgrading your site to PHP version 7.4 or higher, as it is faster and more secure than version 5.6.20.

RevivePress WordPress Version Requirements

RevivePress currently requires your site to run on WordPress 5.2 or higher.

If you are using an older version of WordPress, you’ll see a message in your admin area telling you to update your site. Additionally, RevivePress will be disabled and you will not receive automatic plugin updates until you’ve upgraded to WordPress 5.2.

See our article on why it’s important to use the latest version of RevivePress (and WordPress and PHP) for more details on updating.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the top questions we see regarding RevivePress’s PHP version requirements.

Which PHP version should I update to?

You should update your PHP version to 7.4 or higher. Ideally, you should upgrade to the latest version your web host offers. Most sites can upgrade to PHP 7+ without issues.

How do I update PHP?

Web hosts have the ability to update your PHP version. In most cases, you can upgrade within your web hosting control panel or by submitting a support ticket to your host.

That’s it! Now you know all about the PHP version requirements for RevivePress.

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